About Us

Natan from the Bible means G-d has given.  Natan is a palindrome that can be read both ways. When you give you also receive at the same time.

The inspiration for Natan was to create a business that not only profits but also gives back. We allow you, our shopper to have the peace of mind that when you buy you are also automatically giving back to others.  And giving back in a big way!

On our Natan platform all you need to do is shop our wide range of products, at our very competitive prices. Any product you purchase you are automatically giving at the same time, because with every purchase we donate between 10-16% to the charity of your choice.

Yes up to 16% of your purchases is automatically donated. To the charity of your choice.  And In YOUR NAME.

In this way, you make a difference simply by shopping with a difference. 

Together we are making a real and sustainable difference to our communities.

Choose Natan as your first point of call for all your online shopping.

Thank you for your support and partnership.