HospiceWits provides care and support through a holistic, interdisciplinary team approach with the provision of Palliative care for those in need. Home care forms the basis of our care work, however, we also have an In-Patient Unit in Houghton, should patients need to be admitted for a short period. Our areas of operation include the entire Johannesburg metropolitan area, served from our Houghton site, as well as Soweto.

Home-care nurses visit patients regularly in their own homes, liaising with either the hospice doctor or the patient’s own doctor in order to combat pain and distress. Families are supported and shown skills to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

HospiceWits is not government-funded, and owing to the high rate of indigence amongst our patients, we have a very active Fundraising Department. In addition, due to our high annual expenses, we rely heavily on donors and grant-making organizations to assist with monetary and in-kind support, without which, many patients and their families would have nowhere to turn to.

The Angel Network

Our Aim
The Angel Network is an organization, run solely via the power of social media. They are a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO: 181-947). They are also a registered Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) and can issue Section 18-A tax deductible receipts for any donations paid to The Angel Network.

Our goal is to create a gateway for giving. A platform from which helping where help is needed, is easily accessible to anyone wanting to do a little more, and give a little more. The Angel Network enables, facilitates and mobilises acts of kindness.

The Angel Network is not affiliated to any one charity, but rather offers assistance to established welfare organisations, whenever and wherever help is needed.

We provide a portal to offer help wherever help is needed, by giving a hand UP, rather than a handout.

Hearts of hope

Hearts of Hope isn’t like most children’s homes. They focus on the depth of their reach and not just the breadth. The children receive the highest standard of care, psycho-social support and education they can afford. They focus on the best possible quality of care.

The priority at Hearts of Hope is to try to provide children with ‘forever families’. If possible, to unite children with their biological direct or extended families, however if this is not an option, to support their adoption and placement in loving and caring homes where they can be given an opportunity  for a lifetime of love, care and belonging.

On an annual basis, Hearts of Hope have 15-18 children leave thier care, enabling them to look after 60/65* children in our beautiful children’s home on an annual basis. This success rate of reunification and adoption is unusual and is a combined effort of the tremendous work by the team at the home in preparing the children for life and enabling them to be easily ‘adoptable’ as well as the wonderful work done by our social workers and associated partner agencies.

Whilst it isn’t always possible to find local adoptive families, resulting in many international adoptions, we now have a global village of Hearts of Hope children as well as our local home. Our children now live in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, USA and the Netherlands.

Hearts of Hope provides a home and family for each child, until he or she can find a forever family of their own. Should they not be placed with a forever family, Hearts of Hope is that family. Our role is to equip them to be educated, well adjusted, self-sustaining individuals by the time they leave at 21 years old.
We aim to give them back their childhood.

We have an incredibly dedicated staff without whom we would never be able to give our children back their childhoods. We can never say thank you enough – you guys make a difference in our children’s lives every day!

The Live Easy Fund

Homelessness has played a firm role within South Africa’s past and present. Although the government is trying to combat it through education/employment reforms and government-paid housing, South Africa still has a long way to go in reducing its homeless population. We would love to help every homeless person in South Africa, Unfortunately due to lack of funds this is not possible. What we believe is possible is helping those people before they become homeless. There is very affordable accommodation that has been made available across South Africa. What the live easy fund does is help out those who are struggling to pay their full rent due to an unforeseen hardship that occurred. The live easy fund will help one to get back on their feet and supplement some of their rental income for up to 3 months. This gives one the ability to breathe and make plans and allows them to stay where they are currently living without having to be evicted and have nowhere to go.

Let’s stop this together and lift them before they fall and together we can achieve so much more.

The Ki

The Ki, provides accessible, high-quality, affordable mental-health services catering to the Johannesburg Jewish Community. Their therapeutic services – delivered by an array of specialised mental health practitioners – meet the needs of the whole community, including women, men, couples, teens, and children. Their mission is to empower people, and guide them to heal themselves, so that they in turn can go out into the world and make a difference. Funding is needed as Financial constraints have caused many to move onto a hospital plan which does not cover therapy, while others are on a medical aid with limited coverage.