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    a loadshedding must have product, its simple easy and saves the day

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    – Super soaker pockets
    – Strong and absorbent
    – 260 x 220mm
    – 50 sheets per roll

    What’s in the box
    4 x Towel rolls

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    Products Features:
    – Stackable design for space-saving
    – Keep your food dry and safe with food storage containers
    – Suitable for grains, flour, sugar, coffee, rice, nuts, snacks, pet food, and more
    – Easy-lock airtight lids to seal the container tightly and protect your food from pests as well as moisture and oxidation from the air.

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    Paper Plates
    – Perfect for parties and events.
    – Disposable.

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    These glove’s palms and fingers are covered with thick silicone bristles, they can be used to wash just about anything. Your dishes, your bathroom, your car, your pet etc.

    – Heat resistant
    – Protect your hands from harsh chemicals
    – Easy to clean

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    Easily make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks! With this knife, your fruits, cabbage, cucumbers, vegetables, potatoes and cheese can be quickly and easily sliced into evenly sliced pieces or thin and thick.

    – Multi-usage. Almost all the cutting needs can be met. It contains 6 blades: 2 slicers( thin, thick ), 2 shredders ( thin, thick ),
    – Potato Lattice slicer, and 1 grater.
    – Durable and unbroken. The transparent vegetable collection box is made of good toughness FOOD GRADE ABS Plastic, which won’t be broken.
    – Easy to Use. The only thing you need to do is slide on the slicer. The blades are collected in the slicer board’s card slots and can be replaced at any time.
    – Wider Hand Protector. The protector makes your hand or fingers more safety.
    – Save Space. The set is 12.6 inches (32cm) long and 4.4 inches (11cm) wide, and can be stored in a kitchen drawer or cupboard.
    – Removable. Can be used individually.
    – Very Sharp. The blades (except the grater) are made of FOOD GRADE stainless steel.
    – No-Slip. We add anti-slip rubber on the box bottom and the slicer board head, you’ll feel easier.

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    A fast, efficient hand-powered rotary grater that quickly and easily grates, shreds and slices.

    A fast, efficient hand-powered rotary grater that easily grates, shreds and slices cheese, vegetables, biscuits, nuts and more. Featuring a wide hopper that allows substantial quantities of food to be grated or sliced in seconds and a food pusher that keeps fingers away from the blades.

    3 different stainless steel drum blades deliver fine grating, coarse grating/shredding and slicing. Drum blades switch out for easy cleaning. An angled dispenser reduces any clogging and a suction base attaches the unit to a clean, dry, non-porous surface. A reliable and durable does-it-all countertop companion.

    Fashionable Design, simple hand crank turns the drum to create perfect ingredients, the suction base ensures a solid grip and stability on a flat surface