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    It feels very comfortable thanks to the appropriate development. You experience with our product beautiful bath time.

    Multifunction: As a good bath accessory you can use the devices collectively or separately.

    Without shower gel or shower soap, the devices can effectively remove dead skin, dirt and exfoliate. Together with skincare products, cellulite can be prevented.

    It also has anti pimple/acne on the back, so you get beautiful, smooth, firm skin. Your body is activated. Blood circulation, metabolism, and detoxification are promoted. Great relaxation. Good for health.

    Easy to clean:
    Simply clean with water after use, hang to dry, so the long body brush, the back scrubber and the bath sponge are perfectly ready for the next use.

    Gentle and comfortable:
    For you, we choose good natural bristles that are reasonably soft. hard, and water-expanding loofah, so you can remove dead skin, and dirt in a gentle and convenient way. They exfoliate without hurting your skin

    This 5 piece set is the perfect gift to spoil someone special or even yourself.

    This bath set will help exfoliate your skin every time. It includes a variety of different kinds of scrubs for every part of the body. From the back, till the feet this bath set has you covered. You can also reuse the basket for an interesting DIY project.

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    Silicone Massage Bath Brush
    Silicone Bath Hair Brush
    Soft Silicone Bath Body Brush with Soap Dispenser.
    Reusable Exfoliating Body Scrubber for Gentle Skin Massage Exfoliation

    – Multi-functional comb: massage, bath, comb hair.
    – Environment-friendly materials, recycling, designed to save bath liquid.
    – Body wash can be controlled by hand pressure.
    – Massage function, promote blood circulation, keep healthy.
    – 2 in 1 design: combine brush and soap dispenser together makes it a convenient shower brush for you to take a bath. Built-in 2.7 oz (80 ml) shower gel reservoir, large capacity design for using for many days.
    – skin-care: this body wash scrub brushes are made of soft and safe silicone, bpa-free, lead-free, latex-free, non-toxic and mildew proof, which can gently exfoliate and massage your skin.
    – effectively cleaning: about 492 bristle of this bath brush is super gentle to help you effectively remove dead skin cells and cuticle, and promote the renewal of new cells.
    – ergonomic handle design: specially designed with non-slip hand grip to offer you a comfortable grasp when taking a shower, and it’s convenient for you to hang on hook after using.

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    – These Pumice Stones will provide a natural way for you to remove calluses and exfoliate, leaving your skin looking fresh and youthful.
    – Easy to operate and use, the ergonomic shape and size design makes it easy to grasp, ensuring your exfoliation procedure is as simple as possible. The rope loop allows you to hang the stone to dry and prevent the growth of bacteria.
    – This natural lava pumices are natural porous stones with mild abrasive properties which not only exfoliate but protect your feet and hands as it smoothes the area and removes the dead skin.
    – Restore your feet with the exfoliating power of this natural pumice stone, which will help in removing stains, corn and calluses. You can also do a full-body exfoliation to make your skin look fresh and youthful. (Please do not use the same pressure on your skin as you do on hard callused skin)
    – When using this stone please soak the callused skin in warm water until it feels soft. Then use the pumice stone on the feet with soapy water, and gently rub on the calluses in a circular pattern.